Relationship Counselling

Relationship & Marriage Counselling


A loving relationship can provide us with great happiness and joy but when it goes wrong it can be a source of worry and unhappiness. When relationships break down we can lose trust, feel unheard or understood and feel rejection, loneliness, distress and disappointment.

We understand the cycles of arguments and bickering which can continue without resolution leaving us feeling resentful angry and shut down.
If your relationship is in difficulty you may not be feeling great about your partner. But if you want to come back together blame, fault and finger pointing are unhelpful.

I suppose what sets us apart, at crisis resolution, is that we are two counsellors working together -both male and female – we can work with our clients to give them an experience which allows them to not only work together on the pressing issues but also to understand their own process.

Our expectation is that you will come to understand some of the good intent of your partner, develop new skills that sidestep the stuck place you can get into and see the relationship in a new light.

You are both heard within a safe environment enabling both parties to gain confidence in self expression as a couple. Within the session and no one’s needs are ignored. This certainly includes telling your partner about how hurt you feel about what’s happened.

We will help you improve communication through practice and work to improve your communication with each other, so that you can find a way to speak in a way that will be heard and listen in a way that hears the other. You will learn to negotiate and compromise with one another in order to help understand what is keeping you stuck as a couple and discover ways to move forward.

We work together to repair the emotional connection and reconnect you to things that drew you together as a couple.

Marriage Counselling

Relationship Counselling
We’ve noticed recently that we are getting a lot more couples interested in working on their relationships with us. We can help with issues such as

  • arguments
  • infidelity
  • jealousy
  • anger
  • money worries
  • communication breakdown
  • problematic sex
  • unresolved arguments and bickering
  • violence or outburst
  • depression
  • anxiety or other health problems
  • trust that has eroded or broken through betrayal (affairs, debts, or secrets)
  • Separation or divorce feel like the only option.