Got Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions…

When are you open/how quickly can you see me?
You can ‘phone at any time to leave a message or speak to us between 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. An answer-phone is always available if we are not able to take your call in person. We will always ring you back, so please leave your name and number. We aim to make contact with you the same day that you call and see you within 48 hours. It may be possible in certain circumstances to arrange an immediate or weekend appointment. For more information about our area coverage and appointment hours please visit our contact page.
Can I choose the gender of my therapist?
Yes, we make every effort to accommodate your request where possible.
How long is each session?
The initial assessment lasts around an hour. Therapy sessions will last for 50-60 minutes.
How many sessions will I need?
This is difficult to gauge prior to the assessment as individuals’ circumstances vary so much. On average, clients attend for between six and twelve counselling sessions?.
Are appointments set at fixed weekly intervals?
Not necessarily. Initially some people request more than one session a week but certainly we would not recommend less. As the therapy progresses it may be helpful to space the appointments out.
Is the service confidential?
Yes. Everything said during a session is strictly confidential between you and your therapist according to the ethical guidelines of BACP and UKCP. This will only be broken if it has been discussed and you have given consent or if we are compelled by a court of law or where the information is of such gravity that you are in danger of being at potential harm to yourself or others or in cases of serious fraud or crime. We will endeavour to discuss any such incident before confidentiality is broken
What theoretical approach is used?
We receive regular training and supervision to ensure our continual professional development and use up to date research to provide the most effective evidence based practice. We favour ‘integrative psychotherapy’ because we believe that no one theory fits all and we are able to tailor the right therapeutic intervention for you. We use CBT when it’s helpful.
What do you offer for couples and families?
We frequently work with couples using two therapists as this style of therapy has proved extremely successful.
Can I talk to the counsellor before they see me?
Yes, we make every effort to meet your needs prior to any meeting, over the telephone.
What other services do you provide that might be of interest to me?
We offer Family Mediation, please see